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Dobson Guitar Services was a long time dream that evolved into reality in February, 2001.  Having always held a passion for guitars and their unique qualities, Dave Dobson turned his hobby into a successful guitar repair business due to a forced career change.  As an experienced guitarist for over 25 years and having played the pub scene throughout Tasmania, Dave had always maintained his own gear and that of his friends.  Due to an extensive background in the mechanical and metalwork industry, he could easily transfer these skills to guitar repairs.  Dave was well aware of the need for a professional to work closely with musicians in helping them achieve optimum performance from their guitars, both acoustic and electric.   He enjoys working with many professional musos and consequently has been commissioned to build custom guitars for many of his clients.  Restoration of vintage instruments has been of special interest to Dave and he has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of guitar modifications, set-ups and any guitar needs.

Authorised Maton Repairer

Dealer for John Barden Guitar Pickups

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Dobson Guitar Services,
112 Viewbank Road Newnham TAS 7248
Tel: 61 3 6326 4095
Fax: 61 3 6326 7806

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